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Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Douglas County

South Lake Tahoe, NV Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Permit Process

Lake Tahoe is a major tourist attraction in both Nevada and California. It is home to winter sports, summer outdoor recreation, and scenery enjoyed throughout the year.  Spectacular Lake Tahoe is an incredible experience no matter what time of year you visit.  The lake is deep and wide, bluer than blue, and surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.

If you plan on operating a vacation home, a VHR Permit is required.

The County has created a website to guide you through the online process of registering as well as submitting the taxes and fees.

Here is the County Link:

Permit Fees:
Credit or Debit Card Payment
1. Application Fee: $416
2. Inspection Fee:  $150
3. Card Processor Fee (2.9% + $0.30): $12.73
4. Total: $626.73

Bank Account (ACH)
1. Application Fee: $416
2. Inspection Fee: $150.00
3. ACH Processor Fee (0.8% capped at $5): $3.35
4. Total: $569.35

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